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Visit Cuba Guide

The republic of Cuba is a self governing island state in the Caribbean and is located between the north Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. The capital city of Cuba is the city of Havana which is also the largest city in Cuba, followed by the city of Santiago de Cuba. The population of Cuba is estimated to be at least 11 million making it the most populated Caribbean state.

Why should I visit Cuba?

Cuba being one of the most developed Caribbean states, it is expected that it has so much to offer. Cuba is a state that still holds precious its culture and this is what sets it apart from other Caribbean islands. It is actually the only state, worldwide, that take pleasure in sustainable development, with great health and a literacy rate of 99.8%. You can visit Cuba and learn a thing or two about the people and their way of life. Cuba also enjoys at least 2 million visitors every year.

How do I get to Cuba?

The best way to get into Cuba is by plane. The Jose Marti international airport serves as the main entry point to the island. This airport is served by numerous airlines from Mexico, Canada, as well as Europe as well as other parts of the world.

Where do I stay in Cuba?

In order to enjoy the real life of the Cubans, you are advised to stay at the casas particulares which are private houses that have been licensed by the state to offer accommodation to foreigners. The best thing about these houses is the fact that they are actually cheaper than the hotels offering much better Cuban cuisines than what you would get from hotel service. It is possible to get this casas even in small towns.

If you are not for such, you can always stay in hotels that are available in the major towns in Cuba from where you can select one to suit your needs.

How do I move around Cuba?

By bus – there is a Cuba bus line, the viazul, and it offers public transportation to various parts of Cuba. In the recent past, the buses have become quite untidy, but they are quite cheap. It is advisable to arrive early at the bus terminals as the queues can be quite long.

By taxi – in Cuba, taxis are quite expensive. There are many types of taxis in Cuba including, unlicensed ones that can be quite inconvenient when they get caught as you would have to alight and find another means to reach your destination. It is therefore important to be careful about taxis.

By train – there is a main Cuba train line that offer services to Havana and Santiago de Cuba while making stops at various stations.

By car hire - this is the most ideal way to explore Cuba. It is possible to rent a car from major parts of Cuba, even from the airport where you will find a number of reputable car hire agencies. Most car rental agencies in Cuba offer new or almost new European and Asian models. If you want cheap car hire services, you just have to compare rates of a few agencies.

Cuba has so much to offer from great restaurants to amazing sites and museums and car hire is the best way to ensure you explore as much of these places as you can while on the island. When you rent a car in Cuba, you can drive to amazing places by day and drive back to enjoy the fun fillled night life at the capital.

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